Differences between concurrent applications

Differences between concurrent applications

This application for FY2018 CRISI funds is the second pending application for the Booneville Bridge Project.  This grant was also submitted for FY2017 CRISI funding.  The differences between those applications and this application is highlighted below:

Online Repository:  In addition to being attached in the grants.gov workspace, all supporting documents are also available from an online repository.

BCA Explanation:  This application includes a new Appendix, Appendix D, to explain in greater detail the methodology of the BCA spreadsheet.  This material expands the utility of the BCA worksheet and should be considered new material by reviewers.

New letters of support:  Letters of support are updated for FY2018 in Appendix N.

Error correction in BCA calculation.  The original BCA for the FY2017 application used a preliminary cost estimate that was $150,000 less than the funding level requested in all other grant documentation.  This reduced the benefit cost ratio from 3.65-to-1.00 to 3.50-to-1.00.  No other changes were made to the BCA calculation.

Error correction on engineering and design status:  One footnote in the 2017 CRISI application incorrectly stated that engineering was “98% complete” (note 34 at page 19) when it was, in fact, 100% complete.  It has been corrected and now resides at note 35 on page 19 of this application.

Appendix references:  All narrative footnotes and references to supporting materials have been altered to reference the online repository.

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